Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys
(Ulrich Tukur & The Rhythmus Boys)

Rhythmus in Dosen – Das Jubiläumsprogramm
(Canned Rhythm – the Anniversary Programme)

Ulrich Tukur, vocals, piano, accordion
Ulrich Mayer, guitar, vocals
Günter Märtens, double bass, vocals
Kalle Mews, drums, vocals

Ulrich Tukur, now one of Germany's best-known and multi-award winning theatre and screen actors, formed his dance band Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys way back in 1995. Besides their own compositions, the band mainly plays golden oldies. With plenty of irony and a weakness for the kind of nostalgic tunes that were popular in the roaring twenties and the years between the two world wars, the musicians pay homage to 'the elegance, lightness and humour of the songs from that period', as Ulrich Tukur puts it. 'In the 1920s and 1930s, the entire entertainment industry was of an extremely high standard.'

Rhythmus in Dosen ('Canned Rhythm') is the name of a special 'virological' programme, borrowed from a 1942 foxtrot, which Ulrich Tukur und die Rhythmus Boys presented to their audience for the first time in the pandemic year 2020. Their musical 'can opener' reveals a host of German as well as international oldies-but-goodies such as Opus One, Sie will nicht Blumen und nicht Schokolade, Am Steinhuder Meer or In The Mood, but also incredible new covers, with rousing arrangements of classics such as Anything Goes, Tuxedo Junction, Goody Goody and Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. Once again, with handsome Ulrich Tukur on the hand-held piano, skinny Günter Märtens on the stand up bass, tacky Ulrich Mayer on guitar and tiny Karl-Friedrich Mews on the drums, they present themselves in elegant, dirty brown suits to perform their snappy songs at just the right volume and in perfect harmony.