Summen Singen Schreien –
Lieder inspiriert von Psalmen
('Hum, sing, scream –
songs inspired by psalms')

Gerhard Schöne, guitar, vocals
Ralf Benschu, saxophone, clarinet
Jens Goldhardt, organ

Gerhard Schöne is a German singing legend. In the former GDR, he was a constant presence throughout the childhood of several generations: with his sensitive, poetic song lyrics that were always so clearly very different to the socialist state-controlled approach to education, with his kind voice and with his authentic warm-heartedness. After 1990, he released more than a dozen new albums; the singer continues to tour untiringly with various different programmes that often have the character of a play. Schöne loves scene changes, but in this, he also always remains true to himself. He still raises his admonitory and at the same time playful voice, gets involved and is an artist who looks for commonalities in times of division, spurred on by the Christian concept of 'love thy neighbour as thyself'.

In his programme Summen Singen Schreien, Gerhard Schöne takes an intellectually stimulating and perceptive closer look at the truthfulness of various psalms whilst also seeking refuge under their protective cloak. In a range of different guises, he slips into the worlds of the German Chancellor, Edward Snowden's life or the emotions of a mayfly. Together with the Potsdam-based saxophonist Ralf Benschu and Jens Goldhardt on the organ, this results in a concert evening that hovers somewhere in between dignity, joy and animated exuberance. 'Exult! Rejoice!' Two encouraging words the church is very fond of using when something miraculous happens, as it does here.