feat. Julia Neigel
and Toni Krahl

Richie Barton, keyboard
Uwe Hassbecker, guitar
Jacki Reznicek, bass
Ronny Dehn, drums
Julia Neigel, vocals
Toni Krahl, vocals

In 1983, at the latest, with the release of the album Mont Klamott, the Berlin-based group Silly became one of the most important bands in East Germany. Album sales in the hundreds of thousands followed, as well as awards such as 'band' or 'album' of the year. They are still considered an institution to this day. There are several reasons for their success, including the authenticity and powerful voice of their female vocalist Tamara Danz, who fronted the band armed with charm, intelligence and a certain mouthiness that is typical for someone who was born and bred in Berlin. There were also great rock songs, beautiful tunes with subtle, poetic lyrics that were far closer to people's real lives than the party and state leadership. They gained Silly the reputation of an honest band that didn't conform. After the reunification of Germany, they resisted the temptation of producing songs that were 'lighter fare' with a Munich label, and defiantly continued with their own style. This resulted in meticulously developed albums, some created in collaboration with the legendary East German singer-songwriter Gerhard Gundermann. They were German-language rock music milestones. By the second of these, Tamara Danz was already aware of her breast cancer diagnosis. She died, much too young, at the age of 43 in 1996. From 2007 to 2018, Anna Loos was her worthy successor as Silly's frontwoman. With Julia Neigel, another great voice of German rock and pop has shared the stage with Silly since 2019. Once upon a time, when she still used the diminutive of her first name, Jule, she was young and cheeky, and promptly had a hit with Schatten an der Wand. She has now matured, but she is still something of an 'extra-terrestrial phenomenon', to cite one of Germany's most venerated rock stars, Udo Lindenberg. Another German music legend will also be returning to Neuhardenberg to join Silly: City's charismatic vocalist Toni Krahl.