Nils Landgren Funk Unit

Nils Landgren, trombone, vocals
Robert Ikiz, drums
Magnum Coltrane Price, bass
Andy Pfeiler, guitar, bass, vocals
Jonas Wall, saxes
Petter Bergander, keyboards

Almost thirty years have passed since Nils 'Mr. Red Horn' Landgren, the Swedish trombonist and our continent's busiest jazz musician, laid the foundation stone for his in Europe unparalleled career as an instrumentalist, singer, producer, mentor, big band leader and festival director. Always by his side: his Funk Unit.

What is taken for granted today was certainly not a given at the time when the band got together: that Europeans can actually play funk, or should even be allowed to. Until then, the soul and jazz funk of a James Brown or an Aretha Franklin had solely been an American domain. However, in only a short time, Landgren and his band proved that European musicians were not only just as good as the Americans but could also add their own unique accent to the genre. Countless funk formations now ply their trade from Iceland to Greece, from France to Poland, but the Nils Landgren Funk Unit is still their undisputed chieftain. Their songs do what good soul and funk should do: they get right under your skin.