Ich lebe im Vielleicht
(I Live in the Maybe)

Corinna Harfouch reads texts by
and about Emmy Hennings

arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

'A lost child, a fairy tale come to life, or a folk song, simultaneously sweet and a little creepy.'
Franz Herwig about Emmy Hennings

Emmy Hennings, born in Flensburg in 1885, was one of the most dazzling characters of the early 20th century and First World War period literary avant-garde artists. She has been called many things, like 'the Dadaist at Hugo Ball's side' during her time in Zurich, a 'Danish futurist' when she performed in the cabarets of Berlin, and also mother, morphine addict and muse. Hermann Hesse wrote about her: 'It is impossible to apply a rational formula to this life .'

Restless, homeless, multi-talented, naive, melancholic and always self-reflective, she led a jam-packed life as a dancer, actress, lyricist, author and revolutionary between Berlin, Munich, Zurich and the Canton of Ticino with an insatiable hunger for adventure. Her poems and prose tell of human experiences at the limit such as drug addiction, sexual slavery, imprisonment and prostitution. Hugo Ball, Ernst Bloch, Ninon and Hermann Hesse, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Hans Arp: the names of her friends and companions read like an encyclopaedia of the European avant-garde.

Her versatility and the intensity and credibility of her performances as well as the sensitivity with which she approaches roles and situations have made Corinna Harfouch one of the most celebrated actresses in the German-speaking countries. Time and again, she has played impressive female characters at the theatre, in films and on television.