Alexander Scheer, Andreas Dresen & Band

Alexander Scheer, Andreas Dresen & Band


Alexander Scheer, vocals, guitar, harmonica
Andreas Dresen, vocals, guitar
Jens Quandt, keyboards
Jürgen Ehle, guitars, vocals
Harry Rosswog, bass
Nicolai Ziel, drums

Gundermann, Andreas Dresen's film about the life of the East German singer and poet between stage and digger, love and betrayal, is a deeply moving box office smash with a soundtrack that goes right under your skin. The film became an art-house hit in 2018 and won five Deutscher Filmpreis German film prize awards. One of them went to leading actor Alexander Scheer, who also received the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik German record critics' award for the film songs, which also, somewhat unintentionally, made it into the top 20 of the German album charts.

Scheer, who already delivered a fascinating performance as Keith Richards in Eight Miles High and is currently bringing down the house as David Bowie at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, immersed himself deeply in Gerhard Gundermann's life and songs. The guests who attended the film's screening at the 2019 Kino trifft Kulinarik ('Cinema Meets Culinary Art') event at Neuhardenberg are bound to agree.

At the film's premiere in 2018, thousands of people were also able to experience the authenticity of Alexander Scheer's interpretation of Gundermann's songs, and how he has made them his own, live for the first time during several concerts. Together with the director Andreas Dresen and their band, the actor and singer has toured regularly with these songs ever since. They will return to the Neuhardenberg castle park on 13 June. This time round, however, they will not appear on screen but perform live on stage.