Schloss Neuhardenberg, 2018

The Oderbruch Region: Impressions

Drawings and water colours

In the tradition of urban sketching, a group of Berlin-based architects meets regularly to explore special places in the country that surrounds the metropolis. With drawing pens and water colour paint sets and, above all, with open eyes, they search for things that spontaneously kindle their enthusiasm and inspire them: Buildings from various eras in their immediate environment as well as landscapes and nature subjects.

This year, they chose to focus on the Oderbruch region, and of course, as architects, they were therefore hardly able to ignore the Neuhardenberg Castle complex of buildings designed by Schinkel, Lenné and Fürst von Pückler-Muskau. Karl Friedrich Schinkel in particular is an inspiring example: an architect who was also an equally proficient scenographer, designer, painter and draughtsman. His confident application of all of these disciplines in turn is what made him such an exceptional master of his craft.

Sketching is an elemental technique for internalising the seen, relating to it through the drawing process and thereby understanding it. It connects the centuries and building styles with each other, but also reveals a lot about the individual characters whose drawings and water colours tell of these connections in a very direct and personal way.