Katharina Thalbach, Erich Kästner

Münchhausen und Till Eulenspiegel
(Munchhausen and Till Eulenspiegel)

by Erich Kästner
read by Katharina Thalbach

arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

'People with more imagination simply conjure up a richer world for themselves.'
Erich Kästner

There really, truly was a Baron von Munchhausen. However, whether he actually had his famous adventures exactly as he tells them in his tall stories is more than questionable. It is therefore equally well-known that he was probably a habitual liar. They also say that a long, long time ago, there really was a Till Eulenspiegel who held up a mirror to people with his sharp tongue and practical jokes.

So you can become famous for telling lies and behaving silly? Of course you can! However, only if you play such clever practical jokes as Till Eulenspiegel did, and can lie as outrageously as Baron von Munchhausen. And if you are as good a storyteller as Erich Kästner was, who adapted the stories of Till Eulenspiegel's practical jokes and Munchhausen's lies for children, the result is something that can be thoroughly enjoyed by young as well as old. Even more so if they are read out aloud by the wonderful actress Katharina Thalbach, which Baron von Munchhausen would surely have appreciated, as he said about his many adventures: 'These stories simply have to be recounted.'