Italia Cara Mia!

Reading accompanied by songs
and texts from southern Italy

Trio Macchiato
Jana Mishenina, violin, vocals, glockenspiel
Henry Altmann, double bass, percussion instruments, euphonium, mandocello, yodelling, glockenspiel, vocals
Jakob Neubauer, accordion, bandoneon, melodica, concertina, vocals
Silvia Aurea de Stefano, soprano
Peter Lohmeyer, recital

Italy – a place of longing for Germans: The sea, the sun, the wine and the 'dolce far niente', the much-lauded, easygoing Italian lifestyle, have attracted travellers to the 'land where the lemons grow' for centuries, amongst them all kinds of artists: poets, painters and composers. When they talk of Mezzogiorno, southern Italy, they're probably hearing the Canzone Napoletana, or they are thinking of the Fisherman of Capri and pizza margherita. In Italy itself, however, the region is always associated with poverty, problems and backwardness. A local saying is 'It always rains on someone who is already wet through'.

With the Trio Macchiato, the Neapolitan singer Silvia Aurea de Stefano and the actor Peter Lohmeyer, the evening explores this southern Italy with all of its contrasts and contradictions, its beauty and its magic, but also it atmosphere of ever-present danger. It is a fascinating, sometimes amusing journey full of contradictions. With songs, legends, stories and descriptions by local authors and fascinated visitors alike, it leads the audience into a world in the south of Europe that seems strange and mysterious yet at the same time familiar.