Avi Avital & Omer Klein

Avi Avital & Omer Klein

Avi Avital, mandolin
Omer Klein, piano

Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita No 2, BWV1004, transcribed for Mandolin
as well as music by Avi Avital and Omer Klein

An homage to Bach by two exceptionally talented Israeli musicians: the mandolinist Avi Avital, who has done much to help his instrument to regain international popularity, meets the jazz pianist Omer Klein. Both use Bach's music as the starting point for a cross-genre concert full of passion and creativity.

The charismatic Avi Avital is undoubtedly one of the greatest mandolin players of our times. The recordings by the Grammy-nominated musician for Deutsche Grammophon have been internationally celebrated. For this programme, Avi Avital has combined Bach's baroque composition with the skilful improvisation that is such an essential element of jazz. He has found an equally skilled partner for this in Omer Klein, whom Jazz Podium lauded as one of the top contemporary jazz pianists.

Together, they have developed a programme that includes jazz pieces, their own compositions and Israeli songs. Of course, Avital is hardly likely to ignore his adored childhood hero Johann Sebastian Bach – an adoration shared by Omer Klein. A transcription of Bach's Partita No 2 for mandolin has therefore been added to the programme. This is where Omer Klein's improvisation skills really come into their own and add something to the piece. The result is a completely unique interpretation.