Wolfram Lattke, tenor
Robert Pohlers, tenor
Frank Ozimek, baritone
Daniel Knauft, bass
Holger Krause, bass

amarcord – that is a capella singing of the utmost perfection; five male voices in perfectly coordinated tones and harmony; outstanding vocal art and musical poetry, sometimes serious, sacral and solemn, sometimes humorous, uplifting or jazzy. For this virtuosity and diversity, the singers are unanimously celebrated during their countless concerts all over the world. The two-times ECHO award winners effortlessly cross the boundaries between different eras, styles and modes of expression. The quintet presents songs from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque and the European Romanticist eras as naturally as it does contemporary music or arrangements of folk songs and jazz standards.

The Christmas programme chosen by the five vocalists features some very personal choices. With works by Orlando di Lasso, Cornelius Freundt, Michael Praetorius, Mateo Flecha and Gustav Holst, the first part is dedicated to the Christmas traditions in Germany, England and Spain. In the second part, they perform their own arrangements of international Christmas songs.