Birgit Brenner

Birgit Brenner lives in Berlin and Stuttgart; she studied in Darmstadt and Berlin. Solo exhibitions: Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (2018), Kunsthalle Tübingen (2013), Dortmunder Kunstverein (2011), amongst others. Prizes/awards: Tisa von der Schulenburg-Stiftung art prize, Christian Karl Schmidt Stiftung prize, MoMA PS1 residency, New York, amongst others. Birgit Brenner addresses social conditions and fears.

Final Call (2020)

Stop-motion-video, 32 minutes

The stop-motion film Final Call was made during Birgit Brenner's stay at the Villa Massimo. It addresses the serious social consequences of the alienation of contemporary humankind, and the rapidly progressing destruction of the world.

A dystopian scenario is created that follows the pattern of the biblical creation story. The protagonists, a man and a woman, are no longer needed as the digital revolution has made them superfluous. They do not know each other; they simply happen to be spending a week's holiday in the same place where they are bored but are also attempting to give their lives some kind of meaning — whether through nature experiences in a natural environment that no longer exists, with the aid of self-help books or through a search for love that ends in sex tourism. All of these experiences are removed from reality and distorted by the mindless involvement of their smartphones. A social bot comments the actions of the people with increasing puzzlement. Humans and animals are subjected to social scoring, to the sort of continuous monitoring and evaluation system that is already the sad reality in China. Freedom has become nothing but a dull illusion.

  • Villa Massimo at Neuhardenberg Castle

    Villa Massimo at Neuhardenberg Castle

    The winners of the renowned Rome Prize 2019/2020 will present works in an exhibition, in performances and in concerts from September 4th to October 31st.

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