Rom Bilder

Pictures of Rome

Photographs by Maximilian Meisse

Berlin's Museumsinsel, the old Tempelhof Airport and the city's early 20th century housing schemes, the city of Kassel and the palaces of Venice: The work of the photographer and architect Maximilian Meisse, who lives in Berlin, focuses on urban spaces in European cities. He endeavours to get a sense of their quintessence, a rich architectural heritage that is nevertheless also very much alive; he does not so much pursue a documentary objective with his works but rather the artistic intention of reinventing reality through the images. In the course of this creative process, the objects perceived in the photograph are rearranged. The actual reality thus generates a totally unique, extremely atmospheric world that is utterly captivating because it shows the familiar in a completely different light.

In his most recent works, Meisse has addressed the complex and dense character of the 'Eternal City', which has been shaped by all eras of occidental history in cultural as well as architectural terms. This offered him the perfect starting point for staging some familiar and also some less familiar places in the metropolis in a way they have never been seen before. The exhibition in the foyer of the Great Hall is a visual companion piece to several of this year's Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg foundation events that are dedicated to Italy.