Visiting Neuhardenberg Castle during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

The Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg foundation is looking forward to welcoming you. In view of the not ended pandemic, would you please consider and comply with the special measures described below (subject to changes):

"3G rule" (vaccinated, recovered or tested)

Due to the increasing incidence rate and related legal regulations, proof of a recent negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test, proof of vaccination or proof that you are a recovered COVID-19 patient is required visiting the events, the restaurants (indoor only) or beeing guest of the hotel.

Please show a rapid antigen test certificate with a negative result that is no older than 24 hours (from a public testing station or a PoC test carried out by another approved test provider) or a certificate of a PCR test carried out no longer than 24 hours ago. You may present this proof, in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish, either printed on paper or digitally on your mobile device.

Children under age of 6 are exempted to present a test certificate.

Instead of a negative test result, you can also present one of the following documents:

  • Proof of vaccination: either in the form of a certificate that proves that you have received the required number of vaccinations with one of the COVID-19 vaccines listed by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. Your last vaccination date must be at least fourteen days ago


  • A vaccination certificate issued specifically to recovered Covid patients; this may be presented as proof in the form of a positive PCR test result dated more than six months ago together with a certificate showing only one vaccination with one of the above mentioned vaccines


  • Proof that you are a recovered Covid-19 patient; this may be provided in the form of a positive test result that is dated at least 28 days and at the most six months ago.


  • Comply with the social distancing rule of 1.5 metres.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a medical grade face mask in all public or shared indoor rooms, especially in the hotel, in the restaurants, in the exhibitions and event interiors while you not sitting at your seat.
  • Regularly wash or disinfect your hands.
  • Comply with the 'sneezing etiquette'.
  • Pay attention to the markers (entrances and exits, sales counters, reception, buffet areas, areas where masks has to be weared etc.) and follow the distancing instructions issued by our staff.
  • Be patient: due to the pandemic, we have had to reduce the number of visitors who can come to our events, exhibitions and restaurants at any one time.

Consider others
Please do not visit us

  • if you are suffering from symptoms that may indicate that you have COVID-19 (e.g. coughing, fever, sneezing, loss of sense of smell and taste, fatigue, aching joints, breathing difficulties); you can find more detailed information here. This also applies if you are fully vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19.
  • if you know that you have been in contact with someone suffering from an active COVID-19 infection in the past fortnight.

You are also not permitted to visit us if you yourself are suffering from a confirmed active infection or are subject to quarantine or isolation measures.

If that is the case and you are unable to attend an event for this reason, the foundation will refund you the cost of your unused ticket(s). Please email us at ticketservice(at) to claim your refund. If you need to cancel a hotel or restaurant booking, please call us on T 033476 600-0 or send an email to hotel(at)

Restaurant seating arrangements
Please ensure that there is a distance of 1.5 m to people at neighboring tables and, if you are not sitting, to everyone present.

Event seating arrangements
We have a limited number of two seats next to each other that do not comply with the social distancing rules available for groups attending our events. Only people who live in the same household, couples or people exercising their parental care or right of access rights and their charges may occupy these seats. Please state whether any of the above applies to you when booking.

Other than that, you can book single seats that comply with the social distancing rules (1m), subject to availability.

If the foundation has to move you to another seat or change your booking due to the social distancing rules or a change of venue, our ticket service will contact you in good time before the event.

Room temperature
To lower the risk of infection, the interior spaces are regularly aired thoroughly, which – depending on the outdoor temperature – may make them feel cooler than usual for a while and also cause unavoidable draughts.

This particularly applies in the Schinkel Church, not least because it is also necessary to keep the windows open during events, and to air the venue, if necessary, by opening the doors. Please keep this in mind when choosing your clothes and footwear; you are welcome to bring your own blankets.

The Great Hall, the Orangerie and the exhibition hall are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation systems that feed only outdoor air into the spaces and therefore guarantee a high air change rate at all times.

Contact details
We are legally required to record your contact details. We will record the contact details

  • of exhibition visitors on arrival at the exhibition rooms
  • of hotel guests during the booking process or on arrival
  • of restaurant visitors on arrival at the restaurant
  • of event visitors via a QR code enclosed with the tickets which is a link to a registration website that can also be accessed directly at

This data will only be shared with the health authorities if we are asked to do so for infection tracing purposes, and will be deleted four weeks after the event.