Dagmar Manzel und Frank Schulte

Mein Liederbuch
(My Songbook)

by and starring Dagmar Manzel
at the piano: Frank Schulte

'Eine kleine Sehnsucht braucht jeder zum Glücklichsein.' ('Everyone needs a vague longing to be happy.')
Friedrich Hollaender

'I fell in love with the songs of the 1920s in my childhood. They inspired something like a vague longing in me that would ultimately, many years later, prompt me to perform on stage as a singer myself,' says Dagmar Manzel to explain the selection of popular songs from the time of the Weimar Republic she has chosen. Each caused a sensation on Germany's variety, cabaret or operetta stages at the time, and became indelibly etched into the collective memory of generations, for example Irgendwo auf der Welt or Ick wunder' mir über jar nischt mehr.

The actress and singer's choice of songs harks back to her earliest childhood memories. She grew up on the edge of Berlin, by the Müggelsee lake. She adds her own, uniquely personal touch to the unforgettable melodies and lyrics by Friedrich Hollaender, Mischa Spoliansky, Walter Mehring, Bertolt Brecht and others that are like a faint echo of past times. The longing of the child who grew up in a big city is always just below the surface, or, in the words of Kurt Tucholsky: 'Ja, das möchste: Eine Villa im Grünen mit großer Terrasse, vorn die Ostsee, hinten die Friedrichstraße; mit schöner Aussicht, ländlich-mondän, vom Badezimmer ist die Zugspitze zu sehn – aber abends zum Kino hast dus nicht weit …' ('You'd like that, wouldn't you: a house in the country with a large terrace, with the Baltic Sea at the front and Friedrichsstrasse at the back; with glorious views, rural but urban, preferably with a mountain panorama outside the bathroom window – and a cinema just around the corner.')