Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt


Martin Kohlstedt, piano, electronic instruments

Martin Kohlstedt is an exceptional artist and far more than just a pianist. His performances at the great European concert halls usually end in ovations that last several minutes. The albums he has released so far, TAG, NACHT, STROM and STRÖME, have gained him international recognition and led the composer and pianist on worldwide concert tours.

Martin Kohlstedt describes the way he works as 'modular composing'. The pieces are constantly changing and do not follow a set form. Improvisation is an essential part of his creative process. His latest album FLUR was released in November 2020. After a discourse with electronic instruments and choirs, it is a return to the essential and the roots: to solo piano.

A still space full of possibilities and a loud proclamation: for the piano as a protagonist. For the unfiltered. For empathy, for closeness, for the intuitive. For opening doors.

Besides his own pieces, the artist, who lives in Weimar, writes soundtracks for films, plays, podcasts and audio plays, manages his own label and tries to ensure that his work is in harmony with sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Public service broadcaster SWR said about him: 'The extremely minimal approach, the beauty in the figures arranged with precise attention to detail, the sparse mathematical structure of individual sequences pull you in. His music is time-lapse and super slow motion in equal parts.'