Kino trifft Kulinarik
(Cinema Meets Culinary Art)

in the Neuhardenberg castle park

Curated by Dieter Kosslick
Serata Italiana – an Italian evening at Neuhardenberg Castle

Culinary dreams have many faces. Who doesn't, for example, dream of a long, well-spread table in the shade of a tree set against the backdrop of an Italian summer landscape? The ways in which culinary dreams can come true are also manifold. Such a realisation might begin with the creation of a park, inspired by idealised southern landscapes, that might be the perfect setting for just such a table – like the enchanting Lenné park at Neuhardenberg. Literature or films, that marriage of storytelling and images where, as everyone knows, anything is possible, show us other ways of how to make dreams come true.

Welcome to the fifth edition of Kino trifft Kulinarik ('Cinema Meets Culinary Art') at Neuhardenberg, which should actually have taken place last year. The unforeseen circumstances which everyone is bound to be aware of did not permit this, and the Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg foundation and the evening's curator Dieter Kosslick are therefore extending an invitation in the summer of this year to a panel discussion, a film screening in the evening and also a sumptuously laid table – that may either be one long table or many small tables arranged at an appropriate distance to each other, depending on the current situation, under an arc roof erected on the Chestnut Lawn.

The evening's guest of honour will be the great actress Martina Gedeck, who will bring the world of Italy and culinary art to the Neuhardenberg castle park in words and on screen. The intellectual and culinary feast will be perfected by an Italian menu served beneath the arc roof on the Chestnut Lawn.



Grissini mit italienischen Kräutern und Gewürzen
Eingelegte Oliven
Balsamico Zwiebeln
Crostini mit Basilikum-Frischkäse


Journey to Italy

Culinary reading with Martina Gedeck

Texts by Heinrich Heine, Johann Wolfgang from Goethe, Anton Chekhov and others
arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

'The day before yesterday, I dreamt I was in Italy...and was lying, quite lazily, beneath a weeping willow. However, the drooping branches of this weeping willow turned out to be macaroni that fell, long and lovely, right into my mouth...alas! Dream macaroni won't satisfy hunger – Beatrice!', as one of Heinrich Heine's characters fantasises – also a culinary dream. Martina Gedeck will treat Neuhardenberg's guests this summer to a stroll through the history of culinary literature, from Goethe to Chekhov – including Heine's macaroni willow as well as the way to cook pasta from Goethe's Journey to Italy.


Martina Gedeck and Dieter Kosslick in conversation

Moderated by: Hans von Trotha

She will discuss culinary dreams in literature, on screen and in life with Dieter Kosslick and Hans von Trotha, and she will also bring Bella Martha with her, that entertaining and moving film in which she so brilliantly plays a talented chef whose dream of a long well-spread table in Italy comes true in the end.

Martina Gedeck owes her breathtaking career to the depth and integrity of her personality, which permits her to bear her characters' idiosyncrasies and to obstinately defend them. Time and again, she is drawn back to the theatre, to the roots of her craft. The gourmet chef Martha in the film Bella Martha was one of her most successful film roles to date.


Menu Italiano

accompanied by Die Akustischen Vier

Fruit vegetable antipasti with pesto alla Genovese
Classic caprese with burrata, basil & pine nuts
Melon with prosciutto crudo San Daniele
Grilled octopus on misticanza mixed salad
Bruschetta Italiana with olive oil
Gorgonzola with grapes and fruit loaf


Cannelloni alla Siciliana with truffle foam, spinach and Parmesan
Fried branzino (sea bass) with gremolata, wild broccoli, pepperoncino and polenta
Saltimbocca a la Romana on tomato sugo with baked aubergines and gnocchi


Cannoli with almonds and ricotta
Fresh coffee panna cotta
Tiramisu with amaretto and mint

Aperitif, wine, beer, water and caffè


Bella Martha

a film by Sandra Nettelbeck
with Martina Gedeck, Sergio Castellitto, August Zirner, Sibylle Canonica and others

109 min, FSK 0, D 2002
introduced by Dieter Kosslick

Cooking is Martha's entire world. She lives alone, and she is head chef in a French restaurant; the best chef in town, in fact, an opinion also shared by others. Martha communicates culinarily – she understands the nature of the dishes, and she shares this knowledge and the resulting artistry with her guests, relatives and few friends. When she takes in her eight-year-old niece Lena after her sister dies in an accident, however, Martha is forced by her to also experiment with other ways of seeing the world and communicating. Not only Lena's father but also Martha's temporary replacement in the restaurant kitchen is Italian; they speak a culinary dialect that is completely different to French haute cuisine – a dialect which children have always been able to understand particularly well. It could pave the way to the fulfilment of more than just her culinary dreams…

When Bella Martha was released in 2002, Spiegel magazine wrote: 'Sandra Nettelbeck's film resists cinematic gluttony; instead, the storyline follows a lean diet: a little bit of love, a little bit of friendship, a soupçon of tragic. However, the proceedings do not depend on these stingy rations but on the enchanting Martina Gedeck' – who won a Bundesfilmpreis for her performance. Bella Martha is one of the few German films that also ran to great success in cinemas in the USA.