John Scofield

John Scofield Trio

John Scofield, guitar
Vicente Archer, bass
Bill Stewart, drums

With the American John Scofield, one of the grand masters of international guitar jazz is coming to Neuhardenberg. By now, his style has become a fundamental part of jazz history and has influenced countless young musicians. The list of partners with whom he has performed or recorded albums is long. It ranges from Pat Metheny to Herbie Hancock, from Chet Baker to Bill Frisell. During four years of intensive collaboration with Miles Davis, he perfected the kind of groovy and funky jazz that is still his distinctive trade mark to this day.

In March 2019, the guitarist recorded a studio album in New York that pays homage to the music of his friend and mentor Steve Swallow. He himself calls the way in which he did this 'old school'; however, he says so in full awareness of the fact that they have been making music together for over 50 years. John was a student at Berklee when he performed together with the bassist for the first time, and they never stopped throughout the following decades. In Vicente Archer, Scofield has a musical partner who has a deep understanding of and empathy with this symbiosis. The bassist is more than familiar with Steve Swallow's songs and John Scofield's entire repertoire. On the drums, Bill Stewart, whom Scofield has collaborated closely with since the early 1990s, does far more than just keep everything together. 'What Bill does is more than just play the drums,' says Scofield. 'He is also the melodic voice of the music.'