Adelheid Gräfin Schönborn, Gabriella Pape, Dino Heicker

Ideale Landschaften
(Ideal Landscapes)

Lenné, Pückler and contemporary garden design
Panel discussion with Gabriella Pape,
Dino Heicker and Adelheid Gräfin Schönborn

Moderated by: Harald Asel

In 1821, Peter Joseph Lenné and Hermann Graf von Pückler-Muskau, who were probably Prussia's most important garden designers, developed plans for the redesign of the Neuhardenberg park. Both were closely connected to the owner of the castle, state chancellor Karl August von Hardenberg: one because he was a member of the directorate responsible for the Prussian royal parks and gardens, and the other because he was his son in law. They did not develop the plans together, as they had different ideas about how the extensive park should be redesigned to look like their 'ideal landscape'.

What history of thought, political and social concepts did their ideas express? What would we consider to be an 'ideal landscape' these days? Are today's Lennés and Pücklers maybe designers who do not plan private but public spaces and make them usable in many different ways whilst also pursuing aesthetic and ecological aims?

The literary scholar and journalist Dino Heicker, who has written several books about the two Prussian landscape architects, will be discussing these questions with two distinguished garden designers of the present: After a lengthy stay in England, where she studied and later opened a garden design studio, Gabriella Pape now runs the Königliche Gartenakademie Berlin, where she holds seminars, designs gardens and sells plants. Adelheid Gräfin Schönborn reconstructed the Neuhardenberg park as Lenné envisaged it from 1997 to 2001. Throughout her long career, she has realised many projects in private and public spaces, for example for the German Bundestag as well as various palaces and museums. The discussion will be moderated by Harald Asel, editor at Inforadio (rbb).