Fleders fantastische Reise oder Fliegen lernen mit Drache
(Fleder's Fantastic Journey or Learning to Fly with Dragon)

by Sophie Reyer

Premiere with Felicia Chin-Malenski and Yotam Schlezinger

Director: Emel Aydoğdu
Scenography: Hsin-Hwuei Tseng
Music: Yotam Schlezinger
Dramaturg: Kirstin Hess
Educational theatre specialist: Saliha Shagasi

a co-production with Junges Schauspiel / Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

Fairy Le is sad. All fairies are wonderful fliers. Elf Emilie notices: Le can't. Hardly surprising, because Fairy Le is not actually a real fairy, and her Fairy Dad was not always her dad. – Not her dad? The person who is always there for her and lovingly calls her Fleder? – But if she is not a fairy, what is she? – Fairy Dad helps her to build wings. Overjoyed, she runs off to show them to the others. But they all laugh at her. Le feels she doesn't belong anywhere. Not even her best friend Dragon can cheer her up. Utterly sad and torn apart, she leaves. Fair Le goes on a journey to understand who she is. She is swallowed by the water and meets the witch Elsemond, who will challenge her. She realises that Dragon stays with her even when she's sad or in difficulties – and maybe not only because she has saved his life...

The actress Felicia Chin-Malenski and the musician Yotam Schlezinger leave together with the audience. They wander through the park as they tell the story of Fairy Le's journey. Each performance of Fleders fantastische Reise oder Fliegen lernen mit Drache is different, as the audience has to take over when it comes to some of the more difficult tasks.

The author Sophie Reyer developed the play especially for this premiere. The creative process began when the author worked with several school classes. She asked them to write something. The play now features some of their ideas, and some of the texts written by the ten- to twelve-year-olds.