FAKT - Office for Architecture was established by three architects in Berlin in 2013. Sebastian Kern, Martin Tessarzand Jonas Tratz focus on design questions, from architectural objects to urbanistic projects, as well as academic issues. In the course of this work, FAKT looks for precise answers; the project identification is always accompanied by reflections on the system, innovation and identity.

No Title (2020/2021)

Aluminium, 5 × 5 × 0.2m

A light structure floats above the ground, apparently defying gravity. Plants grow underneath it, on it and also through it. The pearlescent as well as permeable deck functions as a subtle filter and permits both rain and also light to reach the ground — a new kind of terrace, a minimally invasive place to linger surrounded by dense nature.

Neither clearly manifest architecture nor untouched flora: The structure is a 1:1 prototype of a deck planned for the Villa Almone in Rome, and toys with the question of a different kind of architecture, a delicate overlayering that permits simultaneousness, that both defines the space and makes it usable yet nevertheless does not completely overwrite it. Another, more mindful and careful approach to the existing, the conservation of natural resources and a continuation of the present qualities in the form of a new spatial experience.

Developed for a site in the south-east of the park of the Villa Almone — the residence of the German ambassador in Rome — the lightweight structure, designed to be constructed from aluminium, extends a small, crumbling outbuilding at the back of the garden. A vacant, unused building like this in an enclosed landscaped park offers unique possibilities in terms of its use for new, completely different purposes. Once some of the later additions have been removed, the existing, plain utilitarian building can function as a raw shared space for German-Roman cultural institutions. Extended with an ephemeral deck as a stage and experimental planted areas, this 'garden gallery' can be used all year round for a wide range of different cultural events: A new public space in an enclosed park.

A prototype of the ephemeral deck for this Roman 'garden gallery' will be shown for the first time in the Neuhardenberg castle park. As a symbol of the fleeting and an example for a merely minimal overlayering of nature, it is not accessible to visitors but exhibited in an exposed location on the island by the weir.

  • Villa Massimo at Neuhardenberg Castle

    Villa Massimo at Neuhardenberg Castle

    The winners of the renowned Rome Prize 2019/2020 will present works in an exhibition, in performances and in concerts from September 4th to October 31st.

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