So, what do you believe? Urban Prayers


by Björn Bicker
read by
Edgar Selge and Jakob Walser

The choir of believing citizens speaks. However, as soon as one of them starts, someone else interrupts. The choir fails to find a common language even though it has a counterpart: the unbelievers. Globalisation, migration and the simultaneous loss of religious ties have made our cities diverse. However, what do people believe in? What are their political beliefs? Do they let others enjoy their freedom? Are they working towards a better world? What influence do they have on the city’s social and political life? What do these believers expect from democracy and the constitutional state?

The city’s believing and unbelieving citizens have their say – we hear from a brother, a social worker, a parcel delivery driver, a teacher, a journalist. However, as soon as the story of one ends, the next person’s begins. Social life finds a common language – when it comes to recalcitrant youths, contributing to society, immigration, home, false and true images and the dream of a good life.

On the basis of an extensive study of the religious life in our cities for a theatre project, writer and director Björn Bicker has created a text that provides analytical as well as poetic scope for the resonance from numerous voices and their realities.

Edgar Selge will be reading Was glaubt ihr denn – a many-voiced picture of our times and a story about who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow – together with his son, the actor Jakob Walser.

So, what do you believe? Urban Prayers


  • Sunday, 14.04.2019
  • 17:00
  • Great Hall

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