Tatort Neuhardenberg Blood on Snow


Oliver Mommsen

reads Jo Nesbø

arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

‘Fast-paced! Intense! Simply outstanding!’ – is how Jo Nesbø’s German publishers advertised his novel Blood on Snow. And it’s true – a modern thriller couldn’t be more fast-paced or intense; in fact, any more fast-paced and intense would basically be unbearable.

The story goes roughly like this: Olav lives the lonely life of a killer. Because of his calling, it’s obviously difficult for him to get close to other people. However, then Olav meets the woman of his dreams. But there are two problems: She is his boss’s wife. And Olav has just been told to killer her.

Elmar Krekeler wrote in the Welt newspaper: ‘Nesbø manages the almost impossible within very limited confines: a hard-core, hardboiled thriller for the educated. Slaughter with class. A first-class waiting room thriller. Only the Scandinavians know how to do that.’ Anja Goerz from Nordwestradio seconds his opinion: ‘Blood on Snow is a thriller for all those who are looking for something very special, all those who are maybe also a little bit fed up with the plethora of detective stories. For anyone who can handle a story about excessive callousness and incredibly deep love.’

Oliver Mommsen is a fantastic actor, although however often he appears in German theatres and on the TV screen – most of the audience will probably always associate him with the investigator Stedefreund, who doesn’t seem to have a first name, in the Bremen-based Tatort episodes. He has played the role of assistant to Chief Inspector Inga Lürsen, played by Sabine Postel, since 2001. In 2006, he won the Deutscher Fernsehkrimipreis Sonderpreis special award for best supporting actor for his performance in the Tatort episode Scheherazade. By the way: Stedefreund does have a first name, it’s Nils.

Tatort Neuhardenberg Blood on Snow


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