This way and no other


Theodor Fontane set to new music

Reinhardt Repke’s
Club der toten Dichter (‘Dead Poets Society’)
with Katharina Franck


with the kind support of the Brandenburg savings banks

Reinhardt Repke, vocals, guitar
Cathrin Pfeifer, accordion
Markus Runzheimer, bass
Katharina Franck, vocals, guitar

The great literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki loved the novelist and poet Fontane, Günter Grass was an admirer and Thomas Mann even called him a ‘singer’. Theodor Fontane would probably have been delighted by this, yet nevertheless responded with:


No point in pondering
What it may be;
Like it or not –
The jest is on me.


Fontane was born 200 years ago – this 2019 bicentenary provided Reinhardt Repke’s Club der toten Dichter with the perfect reason to choose this writer and poet next, after programmes based on setting the works of Heine, Busch, Rilke, Schiller and Bukowski to music. Reinhardt Repke again managed to engage the singer and songwriter Katharina Franck, who already contributed to his Rilke show, as a guest artist. Many will still recall her unique voice from her days with the successful band Rainbirds. The press wrote about her that she ‘immerses herself in every song as if it were deep water’. For the past few years, she has lived near Neuruppin, the town where Fontane was born. He set off on the first of his rambles through Brandenburg’s countryside which he later recorded in his famous five-volume travelogue Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg from here, crossing the Ruppiner See lake towards Wustrau. Reinhardt Repke set Fontane’s words to new music in Alt Ruppin, now a district of Neuruppin; the programme therefore inherently has plenty of local authenticity. Of course, the programme also features Fontane’s famous poems John Maynard as well as Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland, ‘Germany’s best-loved poem’, as someone once wrote.

Reinhardt Repke’s fellow quartet members besides Katharina Franck are the accordion player Cathrin Pfeifer and the bassist Markus Runzheimer.

This way and no other


  • Sunday, 12.05.2019
  • 20:00
  • Schinkel Church


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Price group II € 18 / concessions € 14

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