Greetings, and live!


A friendship in letters and diaries

Martina Gedeck and Corinna Harfouch

read Brigitte Reimann and Christa Wolf

arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

Two creative, dedicated women help each other through conflicts; each encourages the other to follow her own path. Their dialogues about personal and everyday matters as well as their questioning of the doctrines of ‘real socialism’ forged a bond between these two great writers and paint a portrait of East Germany that does not gloss over the difficulties, hopes and illusions. The period when this exchange of letters took place also included the ‘Prague Spring’, an uprising that was met with such ferocious violence on the part of those in power that all hopes for a ‘socialism with a humane face’ were destroyed.

Brigitte Reimann (1933-1973) decided to become a writer soon after leaving school. She was a teacher for a while and then worked at the gas combine ‘Schwarze Pumpe’, where she led the ‘writing workers literature circle’.
She was appointed to the board of the East German writers’ association Deutscher Schriftstellerverband in 1963, and met Christa Wolf on a trip to Moscow. After their initial meeting, the two women maintained a lively correspondence.

Christa Wolf (1929 – 2011) was an associate researcher and on the board of the Deutscher Schriftstellerverband from 1955 to 1977. During her study stays at the wagon construction combine VEB Waggonbau Ammendorf, she headed the ‘writing workers literature circle’ there. Her books Divided Heaven and The Quest for Christa T. lead to aspersions regarding the author’s ideology. A PEN Centre Germany member from 1965 onwards and a member of the GDR’s main artists’ association Akademie der Künste der DDR from 1974 onwards, she protested against the denaturalisation and subsequent deportation of the dissident singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann or the fact that writers like Stephan Heym were excluded from the writers’ association, for example.

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Greetings, and live!


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