Bugge Wesseltoft, piano, keyboards

Dan Berglund, bass

Magnus Öström, drums

The Norwegian jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft is an arranger with a marked willingness to experiment and a musician who views ‘European jazz as an independent art form’. He has contributed much to the fact that this statement is actually true. For his new piano trio, he invited two friends to join him. Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund are also important exponents of this ‘art from’. All three musicians have been writing music history since the 1990s, albeit not together: on the one hand with Bugge Wesseltoft’s ‘New Conception Of Jazz’ groups and on the other with the by now legendary esbjörn svensson trio (e.s.t.). Separately, they defined a new, fresh sound. The result was a worldwide developmental leap that became a source of inspiration for many of the musicians that came after them. e.s.t. was named after Esbjörn Svensson, and until his untimely death in 2008, it was one of the most successful bands in jazz. Their worldwide concerts attracted audiences from well beyond the genre’s boundaries.

Rymden’s music is based on three elements: melodic and atmospherically dense songwriting, dramatically charged rhythms and outstanding virtuosity. This new constellation promises a mature, relaxed concert experience with influences from the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, modern jazz, film scores and rock music.



  • Sunday, 19.05.2019
  • 19:00
  • Schinkel Church


Price group I € 22 /concessions € 18

Price group II € 18 /concessions € 14

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can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750