November 1918 – Dance on the Volcano

Reading accompanied by music

with Maren Kroymann and Sylvester Groth
at the piano: Sir Henry


Prose and songs from the1920s

by Bertolt Brecht, Alfred Döblin, Hanns Eisler, Friedrich Hollaender, Harry Graf Kessler, Kurt Tucholsky and others


arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

The year 1918 marked the dawning of a new era that led from the disastrous end of the war across various chasms to what would become known as the “Golden Twenties” in Germany. The country underwent some fundamental political and economic, social, artistic and cultural changes during those years. In the wake of the Kaiser’s abdication in Berlin on 9 November 1918, two opposing new state orders were proclaimed: a democratic republic with the bourgeoisie at the helm and a socialist order called the “Räterepublik” which advocated a form of government based on decisions made by workers’ councils. Although the first new order proclaimed managed to successfully establish itself, there was no peace, initially. Whilst the National Assembly met in rather remote Weimar, bloody battles between Spartacists, Freikorps and troops loyal to the government raged elsewhere. In the midst of this chaos, the music, literature and plays emerged that would later make the Weimar Republic seem like a cultural heyday and earned the 1920s the epithet “Golden”. The prose written by the authors of that era profoundly reflects the unrest that would ultimately lead to the destruction of this society following radical changes, complete failure and a new beginning.


With songs and pamphlets, poems and manifestos, polemics and hymns, Maren Kroymann and Sylvester Groth, accompanied by Sir Henry at the piano, bring the edgy zeitgeist during this era of radical changes and downfall in the years after the First World War back to life.

November 1918 – Dance on the Volcano

Reading accompanied by music

  • Saturday, 22.09.2018
  • 17:00
  • Great Hall

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