Let´s Misbehave!


20 Years of Ulrich Tukur
& Die Rhythmus Boys

Ulrich Tukur, vocals, piano, accordion

Ulrich Mayer, guitar, vocals, background vocals

Günter Märtens, double bass, background vocals

Kalle Mews, drums, sounds, background vocals

They simply can’t go wrong after two decades together. They are like a rock of sophisticated taste in the stormy seas of musical randomness, constantly changing styles and fashions. They have matured like an old cheese whose veins of mould are not a sign of rot but of full-bodied taste and perfection. And they have improved over time: Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys. A formation whose musical skills and visual attractiveness outshine anything ever seen on a stage. With its latest programme Let’s Misbehave, the quartet presents a journey into the past, back to a time of ballrooms and variety shows and the long since forgotten music and entertainment culture between the two world wars with immense enjoyment and not a trace of self-mockery and humour. They bring the house down. Immortal melodies may remain recognisable but are distorted or no longer recognisable at all; the arrangements are very strange but manage to avoid becoming a complete disaster by a whisker. Jazz and swing are reinterpreted in a way that gives the audience an idea of how the history of music could have been altered forever if this splendid formation had only become involved in it much earlier.

In his preface in the booklet that goes with the CD of the same name, Ulrich Tukur describes how he sees the music of the Rhythmus Boys: ‘… an entirely new outlook on English and American popular music of a grand, bygone era’. He’s bound to make a song and dance about it at Neuhardenberg’s Schinkel Church.

Let´s Misbehave!


  • Sunday, 18.09.2016
  • 19:00
  • Schinkel Church


Price group I: € 30 / concessions and NHB-Card € 24

Price group II: € 24 / concessions and NHB-Card € 18

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can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750