Cinema Meets Culinary Art
Anna Depenbusch & Band

Cinema Meets Culinary Art

Anna Depenbusch, vocals, keyboard, ukulele
Ulrich Rode, guitar
Anne De Wolff, trombone, vibraphone, harmonium and more
Oliver Karstens, electric bass, double bass
Sönke Reich, drums

Anna Depenbusch is a teller of poetic stories and a master of style breaks. Her songs are about the everyday unusual, about life and love in all of their facets. She turns truths, imagination and irony into stories. She slips into the role of the enamoured, the hurt, the dreamer and the observer.

Her emotional voice fills the space. She whispers and whistles, she caresses, trembles, taunts and touches. Sometimes, for example when she performs the dynamic ‘Haifischbarpolka’, she suddenly evokes the cabaret performances of the 1920s. At these moments, the piano appears to writhe beneath Anna’s fingers and to breathe like an accordion.

The Hamburg-born singer and songwriter already knew as a child that the music business was her destiny. She appeared on a stage for the first time as a member of her school big band. Ever since, she has consistently followed her path as a musician, undeterred by setbacks. Her lyrics are true to life yet also profound and mysterious; the melodies are standard yet never banal. Her albums have titles such as Die Mathematik der Anna Depenbusch (‘The Mathematics of Anna Depenbusch’) or Das Alphabet der Anna Depenbusch (‘The Anna Depenbusch Alphabet’). She experiments with a wide range of different sounds and genres; pop, jazz and blues sit side by side with country and disco beats. Maybe, it is this openness and diversity that inspired the press to call her ‘Germany’s finest chansonnière’.

Cinema Meets Culinary Art
Anna Depenbusch & Band

Cinema Meets Culinary Art

  • Saturday, 23.06.2018
  • 18:00
  • Open Air


Concert and film

€ 29 / concessions and NHB-Card € 22

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can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750

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