Cinema Meets Culinary Art
30 years on from the Fall of the Berlin Wall


Discussion with Jutta Voigt, Andreas Dresen and Dieter Kosslick
Moderated by: Hans von Trotha

The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago, an event that marked the end of the division of Germany and the end of the Cold War – which is currently threatening to flare up again. This gives rise to the question of how much people learn from history. It also marked the end of two German pop cultures that had developed in parallel. There are numerous books and films dedicated to what everyday life was like in the GDR, in a society that no longer exists in this form. Taking Andreas Dresen’s latest film, which brings the time just before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall back to life on the basis of singer-songwriter Gerhard Gundermann’s biography, as the starting point, Jutta Voigt, Andreas Dresen and Dieter Kosslick will be discussing how much of the GDR’s culture actually still resonates thirty years later, whether this is in fact the right question to ask, how to get to grips with an enigmatic character like Gundermann, and whether the time that has passed since actually had to pass in order to put some things into perspective.

Jutta Voigt was born in former East Berlin; she has worked as a film critic and also as an editor. She is now a columnist for ZEIT and has also written several successful books, including some that address everyday life in the GDR, like her most recent work Stierblutjahre. Die Bohème des Ostens, about East Germany’s bohemians.

Andreas Dresen is one of Germany’s most high-profile film-makers. He is not only an author and director but also a judge at the federal state of Brandenburg’s constitutional court, the chairman of the DEFA-Stiftung’s board of trustees and teaches acting for film in Rostock. His best-known films include Grill Point, Summer in Berlin – and Gundermann.

Dieter Kosslick was the director of the Berlinale film festival from 2001 to 2019; prior to that, he headed the office of Hamburg’s executive mayor, edited the magazine konkret and chaired the major funding institution Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

Cultural history expert Hans von Trotha headed publishing house Nicolai Verlag for ten years and lives in Berlin, where he works as an author, curator and journalist. He is also an expert on the philosophy and history of the garden, which he regards as the precursor of the medium film.

Cinema Meets Culinary Art
30 years on from the Fall of the Berlin Wall


  • Saturday, 15.06.2019
  • 16:00
  • Great Hall

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