A monologue by Lot Vekemans with Manfred Zapatka
Translated into German by Eva M. Pieper and Christine Bais

Director: Bernd Kauffmann
Dramaturg: Dietrich Sagert
Assistant Director: Stephanie von Neuhoff


Branded a traitor, no other figure in history has been as clearly stigmatised as Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus Christ’s disciples, who will say of him ‘woe is upon him, and he would have been better unborn’. However, it appears that it isn’t as simple as all that. If Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is interpreted as a divine deed necessary for humankind’s salvation and liberation, which the Christian faith does, then the character of Judas seems highly ambivalent. Considered from this perspective, Judas’ infamous betrayal suddenly becomes an essential precondition for the divine salvation plan – and an almost inhuman sacrifice where Judas himself is concerned.

Time and again, even the question of whether the word used in the gospels to describe what Judas did should actually have been translated as ‘betrayed’, or whether the word ‘delivered up’, in the sense of delivering him up to the cross for the benefit of all humankind, has caused controversy. Ultimately, the image of the avaricious traitor who ‘sold’ his master to the cross for ‘thirty pieces of silver’ has prevailed throughout history. Now, we hear the story in his own words – and he is asking to be exonerated.

The great German character actor and narrator Manfred Zapatka plays Judas, who delivers a haunting and moving monologue, talking either to himself or to the audience, defending his version of the story. As desperate as it is unusual, it casts doubt on several aspects that have always been considered certainties.



  • Saturday, 30.09.2017 –
    Sunday, 01.10.2017
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  • Great Hall

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