Space Hero

Reading accompanied by music

40th anniversary of Sigmund Jähn’s space flight


A musical-literary revue

with Max Hopp and Adam Benzwi


arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

People have always dreamed of flying to the stars and the sun, of exploring the “infinity” of space and of becoming masters of the universe. In the 20th century, this dream began to come true. Driven by the rivalry between the political systems during the Cold War era, one technical feat followed hard on the heels of the next. Even the setbacks and disasters that occurred when these new technologies were used for the first time did not stop the attempts to conquer space. Space travel and its developments benefit humankind and nourish the hope that all nations might coexist peacefully out there in space. However, they are also a means for demonstrating power and military superiority. Not least, space travel is undertaken in the hope of finding a substitute for our threatened home planet Earth one day.


On 26 August 1978, Sigmund Jähn became the first German to fly into space with a Soyuz mission. The fortieth anniversary of his trip seems an excellent occasion for paying a musical-literary homage to the cosmonaut and honorary citizen of Neuhardenberg, and also to the age-old dream of space travel. With songs and spoken words, actor Max Hopp and pianist Adam Benzwi will take us on a journey into the infinity of space. Sigmund Jähn will be talking to Frank Mangelsdorf, journalist and editor-in-chief of the Märkische Oderzeitung newspaper for many years.

Space Hero

Reading accompanied by music

  • Sunday, 30.09.2018
  • 18:00
  • Great Hall

Discussion and reading accompanied by music

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