Halpern und Johnson


Udo Samel and Gerd Wameling
read Lionel Goldstein

from the translation into German
by Ulrike Syha


arranged by
Gerhard Ahrens and Bernd Kauffmann



Lionel Goldstein’s play Halpern and Johnson is an intensive, intimate story about two people who were bound to each other all their lives without actually knowing one another. In concerted dialogues, this ‘well-made play’ straddles the fine line between drama and comedy. At the beginning, there is a funeral; at the end, maybe the beginning of a friendship. Two totally different men who might not have had much to say to each other in different circumstances now have a relationship because of a woman. She loved both of them dearly for decades. Initially, they argue; their widely different characters do not exactly help the situation. However, gradually, they realise that there is actually very little they can accuse each other of. Their shared affection for a loved one can therefore also become the basis for affection for each other.

Udo Samel has been a member of the cast at Berlin’s Schaubühne theatre and also at the Burgtheater in Vienna, where he delivered celebrated performances under directors such as Peter Stein, Luc Bondy, Klaus Michael Grüber and Andrea Breth. Most recently, he has appeared on stage as the art collector Cornelius Gurlitt in Entartete Kunst at the Renaissance Theater in Berlin. Udo Samel also appears regularly in movies and on TV.

Gerd Wameling also belonged to the ensemble at Berlin’s legendary Schaubühne theatre for almost 20 years. He then appeared in plays at the Salzburg Festival and at the Burgtheater in Vienna, for example, and also in numerous movie and TV productions. He is Emeritus Professor for Drama at Berlin’s university of the arts (Universität der Künste Berlin). For the past two decades, he has performed Yasmina Reza’s successful play Art together with Udo Samel and Peter Simonischek.

Halpern und Johnson


  • Saturday, 24.09.2016
  • 17:00
  • Great Hall

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