Say Hello to the Moon for Me!


Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys

Ulrich Tukur, vocals, piano, accordion
Ulrich Mayer, guitar, vocals
Günter Märtens, double bass, vocals
Kalle Mews, drums, vocals

The film actor and musician Ulrich Tukur formed the dance band Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys way back in 1995. Besides their own compositions, the band mainly plays golden oldies with a huge passion for entertainment and singing. Rumour has it that Tukur chose the members of his band purely on the basis of visual merit. Admittedly, the band members are impressively good-looking, elegant and stylishly dressed; however, they have also put their heart and soul into the band over the years, for which they have been rewarded with a large community of fans that appreciates their charming, heart-warming and incredibly entertaining live performances with first-class harmony singing, catchy rhythms and unparalleled cover versions.

In front of an audience, the musicians, and none more so than Ulrich Tukur, one of Germany’s best-known multi-award winning stage and screen actors, come into their own. With plenty of irony and a nostalgic weakness for tunes that were popular in the 1920s and the years between the two world wars, they pay homage to ‘the elegance, lightness and humour of the songs from that period,’ as Ulrich Tukur puts it. ‘The entire entertainment industry’s standards were extremely high throughout the 1920s and 1930s.’


In a sometimes quiet, sometimes raucous but always captivating way, the four chivalrous gentlemen present their enchanting songs with plenty of emotion and soul.

Say Hello to the Moon for Me!


  • Sunday, 30.06.2019
  • 20:00
  • Schinkel Church


Price group I € 30 / concessions and NHB-Card € 24

Price group II € 24 / concessions and NHB-Card € 18

Advance bookings

can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750

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