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Every region has a lifeline that defines it – without which it would not be what it is. In eastern Brandenburg, this defining feature is even part of the region’s name: the Oderland. The photo project O_D_E_R – CUTS by Berlin-based artist Götz Lemberg focuses on the extreme importance of the Oder river in the development of the region on both sides of the Polish-German border. The exhibition at Schloss Neuhardenberg marks the start of a joint exhibition project in German and Polish institutions along the Oder. Its next stop is the Polish National Museum in Szczecin.

Götz Lemberg’s photographs show the Oder from an unusual viewpoint: they were taken from the perspective of the river; in a manner of speaking, the river looks across its own expanse at the viewer. On both sides of the river, the artist took photographic cuts of the landscape every kilometre along its entire length, from the point where the Neisse flows into the Oder all the way to Szczecin. The viewers can therefore immerse themselves in the changing views of the Oder and the Oderland region along the river, which is over 200 kilometres long. With this work, Götz Lemberg is continuing his portraits of river landscapes, which he began in 2015 with his H_V_L – CUTS. The exhibition project conveys a sense of the unusual character of this river, not least its function as a natural border.

Götz Lemberg: O_D_E_R – CUTS


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