Erich Salomon


Photographs from the political arena and society (1928–1938)



An exhibition in cooperation with the Berlinische Galerie Museum of Modern Art


In 1928, the illustrated weekly magazine Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung began to publish unusually dynamic snapshots of powerful people. Until then, politicians had always been portrayed with serious faces. Suddenly, they came across as human beings who made jokes, dozed or chatted as they dined. The person responsible for this minor revolution was the photographer Erich Salomon. His pictures were soon published all over the world, and ‘photo journalist’ became an established profession.

Erich Salomon’s discreet approach is the key to these unusual photographs: His pictures of meetings of political or society groups provide insights into environments which had so far remained hidden, the kind of environments where balances of power are established and decisions are made. However, his photographs are never intrusive.

The world of the opera, symphony orchestras and the theatre, which Erich Salomon had unprecedented access to due to his upper middle class background, was a popular motif, and in particular the work of the conductors; his striking pictures of Wilhelm Furtwängler and Willem Mengelberg are world-famous. Travelling also became a necessity prompted by his profession. Especially his pictures from the USA, which are an attempt at understanding this country with its unique rules and value sets in the form of a factual account, are impressive.

The exhibition at Neuhardenberg shows photographs from the Berlinische Galerie collection taken by Erich Salomon between 1928 and 1938. The works are presented in groups: Gerichtsfotografien (‘Court photographs’), Bilder aus der Weimarer Republik (‘Pictures from the time of the Weimar Republic’), Internationale Konferenzen (‘International conferences’), Unterwegs in Europa und den USA (‘On the road in Europe and the USA’) and Aus Kunst und Wissenschaft (‘Science and the arts’).

Erich Salomon


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