The Story of Doctor Dolittle


Ulrich Noethen reads Hugh Lofting
arranged by Gerhard Ahrens


Doctor John Dolittle, M.D., lives in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. He is a very clever man, because he realises: If you want to be a good vet, you need to be able to speak the language of the animals. Luckily, he has his parrot, Polynesia, who teaches it to him. Soon, he is so famous that even the monkeys in Africa call for him when somebody is ill.

Hugh Lofting, the inventor of Doctor Dolittle, originally wanted to become a civil engineer and then travel the world. He studied in the USA, worked in Canada, West Africa and on Cuba, got married, moved to New York and had two children, Elizabeth and Colin. Then the First World War broke out. Lofting was conscripted and became a lieutenant in the Irish Guards, with whom he fought in Flanders in 1917/1918. He wrote the first Doctor Dolittle stories in the form of illustrated letters to his children from the trenches.

At Schloss Neuhardenberg, Ulrich Noethen will be reading from the stories of Doctor Dolittle and his animals. The actor is well-loved in Germany for his roles in the film versions of popular children’s literature, for example Mr Taschenbier in the series of children’s books about an imaginary creature called the Sams, or Non-smoker in the classic movie version of Erich Kästner’s The Flying Classroom. Ulrich Noethen trained in Stuttgart and has won numerous awards, including the Deutscher Filmpreis German film prize for his performance in Comedian Harmonists, the prestigious Goldene Kamera film and television award in the best German actor category in 2006, and the Adolf-Grimme-Preis television award, which he has won twice.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle


  • Saturday, 07.10.2017
  • 16 Uhr
  • Great Hall

Reading for young and not-so-young children

recommended for children aged 5+

Admission: € 7
(no concessions)


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