The Seven Ravens


Kathrin Blüchert
Kristine Stahl
Heinrich Bennke
Martin Vogel


Theater Waidspeicher Erfurt

Director: Frank Alexander Engel

Production Designers:
Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel

A girl at last, after seven boys! However, as she is so small and weak, the worried father sends his sons off with a jug to get some water to baptise her with. Alas, the jug drops into the well, and the boys do not dare to return home without it. In his anger, the impatient father shouts out ‘I wish those boys would all turn into ravens.’ His sons immediately change into ravens and fly away. As soon as their little sister is old enough, she leaves home to search for her brothers. They are trapped in a glass mountain at the end of the world, she frees them and they can at last return to their parents.

The Seven Ravens is one of the less well-known fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm. Like The Twelve Brothers or The Six Swans, the tale focuses on the motif of people changing into animals, and vice versa. The Erfurt-based Theater Waidspeicher’s production adheres closely to the original story as told by the Brothers Grimm. The fairy tale is narrated with the aid of imaginative poetic images and soundscapes. A revolving stage makes it possible to follow the events from ever changing perspectives. Whether only with puppets or with human actors performing live on stage – the Theater Waidspeicher creates stunning visual images that take the very young and not so young members of its audience onto an exciting journey full of adventures.

The Erfurt-based Theater Waidspeicher has won numerous awards and prizes, and enjoys an excellent reputation as a puppet theatre for children, young adults and also not-so-young adults throughout Germany and far beyond.

The Seven Ravens


  • Saturday, 11.11.2017
  • 16 Uhr
  • Great Hall

Puppet theatre show
suitable for children aged 5 years and over

Admission: € 7
(no concessions)

presented by
tip Berlin

Advance bookings

can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750

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