The Tobacconist


Martin Wuttke reads Robert Seethaler




arranged by Gerhard Ahrens



Austria 1937: Seventeen-year-old Franz Huchel leaves his village to begin an apprenticeship at a small tobacconist’s in Vienna. One day, he meets the regular customer Sigmund Freud there and is immediately fascinated by him. An unusual friendship gradually develops between these two very different men. When Franz falls head over heels in love with the showgirl Anezka, he turns to the old professor for advice.
However, it soon transpires that the world-famous psychoanalyst is almost as baffled by the female sex as Franz. Both of them also feel equally powerless in the face of the dramatically escalating political and social situation. Soon, Franz, Freud and Anezka are abruptly swept up in the maelstrom of the unfolding events.

This impressive novel by the Austrian author Robert Seethaler became an immediate bestseller. Seethaler’s books, which like The Tobacconist all focus on unusual meetings between opposing characters, have won many awards. He wrote the screenplay for the movie My Mother, My Bride And I, which has won several awards and has been screened at international film festivals. The great, equally award-winning actor Martin Wuttke now lends his voice to Seethaler’s ‘no-frills language’, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung critic called it, to moving effect.

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The Tobacconist


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