The Little Changeling

Reading accompanied by music

by Christine Lavant
reading accompanied by music with Sophie Rois and Brot & Sterne

Sophie Rois, reader

Brot & Sterne:
Franz Hautzinger, trumpet and electronic instruments
Matthias Loibner, hurdy-gurdy, electronic instruments
Peter Rosmanith, percussion instruments, Hang

Das Wechselbälgchen is a story set in Austria’s borderlands with Slovenia, a story set in the years between the two world wars, a ‘Heart of Darkness’ story set in Central Europe. It is a feverish and breathless story. One-eyed maidservant Wrga has an illegitimate, handicapped daughter, Zita, whom everyone believes is a changeling foisted on her by evil spirits in exchange for her real child. The farmhand Lenz, who says that he was told in a dream that he should marry the ugly old maidservant even though she will soon turn forty, believes this superstitious nonsense more than anyone. Reluctantly and calculating, he takes her as his wife. Soon afterwards, the parish priest helps him to obtain the position of beadle; suddenly, Lenz is no longer a farmhand but a ‘gentleman’. His good fortune continues when Wrga bears him an angelic-looking blond girl. Although he resents and abuses Zita, he tolerates her in his home, but secretly, he dreams of killing the crippled creature.

Sophie Rois reads the text forcefully, in a direct way, without sentimentality. She recounts the tale of Zita’s life and her fate in a voice that is sometimes hard, almost brutal, and sometimes soft and gentle. Rois’s voice is embedded in darkly brilliant, sometimes noisy, soundscapes created with electronic musical instruments, a hurdy-gurdy, a trumpet and various percussion instruments. With their unusual instrumentation, the group Brot & Sterne produces an intense, rough soundtrack that surrounds the words in a seemingly unintentional way and gives the text the necessary space.

The Little Changeling

Reading accompanied by music

  • Saturday, 18.05.2019
  • 19:00
  • Schinkel Church


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