Heart of Stone


by Wilhelm Hauff
adapted for puppet theatre by Frank Alexander Engel
Theater Waidspeicher Erfurt

Director: Frank Alexander Engel
Scenery, puppets, costumes: Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel
Music and sounds: Nis Søgaard

Kathrin Blüchert
Kristine Stahl
Heinrich Bennke
Paul Günther
Tomas Mielentz

The Black Forest at the beginning of the 19th century: a region peopled by woodmen, raftsmen, charcoal burners and glassmiths – and clockmakers, of course, engaged in the manufacture of the famous cuckoo clocks. A young charcoal burner called Peter Marmot is dissatisfied with his lot; he does not earn a lot of money and people do not respect him because of what he does for a living. He dreams of being rich and well-respected. Two magic creatures that live in the Black Forest could make his dreams come true. A friendly little imp, the Glasmännlein, agrees to help him first of all but as Peter is not particularly clever, he loses everything he wished for. Next, he asks the giant Holländer-Michel, ‘Dutch Michel’, for help, another spirit that is anything but friendly and will only help him in exchange for Peter’s heart, which he replaces with a heart of stone. ‘Such a heart will know neither fear nor terror, nor foolish pity or any other misery.’ Peter has to decide what is important to him in life.

Even almost 200 years later, Hauff’s fairy tale of fast riches is of a remarkably contemporary relevance. Theater Waidspeicher has adapted the story as a play for puppet theatre. The production closely follows the fairy tale. The costumes, scenery and props are in keeping with the fairy tale’s historic context, although they are accompanied by modern electronic music and sounds.

The Erfurt-based Theater Waidspeicher has won numerous awards and prizes, and enjoys an excellent reputation as a puppet theatre for children, young adults and also not so young adults throughout Germany and far beyond.


Heart of Stone


  • Saturday, 07.12.2019 –
    Sunday, 08.12.2019
  • 16:00
  • Great Hall

Puppet theatre show for children aged nine and over

€ 16 / concessions € 12
Young people under the age of 18: € 7

Advance bookings

can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750

  • 4_tip Berlin