Charles Bukowski – Poems set to music


Reinhardt Repke’s
Dead Poets Society

Tim Lorenz, drums

Andreas Sperling, keyboard

Markus Runzheimer, bass

Reinhardt Repke, guitar, vocals


Featuring: Peter Lohmeyer, vocals

Wilhelm Busch, Rainer Maria Rilke and Friedrich Schiller – Norbert Leisegang, Katharina Frank and Dirk Darmstädter. What sounds like the answer to the questions of ‘favourite poet’ and ‘favourite singer’ in fact refers to the programmes previously performed by Reinhardt Repke’s ‘Club der toten Dichter’ at Schloss Neuhardenberg. And now, in the tenth year of the Club’s existence, these names will be joined by Charles Bukowski on the one hand, and Peter Lohmeyer on the other.

The journalist Michael Althen once wrote that Charles Bukowski found beauty where no one suspected it, and where most people hadn’t even bothered to look for it. The fact that he sometimes chooses coarse language to express this lies in the nature of the thing itself. The ‘laureate of American lowlife’, as he has sometimes been called, wrote inspired by an inner need that makes every word true and absolutely necessary. Nothing has been added for authenticity, each word has to be there. Bukowski himself put it like this: ‘Observation put into action is the essence of art’.

For the Bukowski programme, the Club der toten Dichter is joined by actor Peter Lohmeyer. He reads these poems with a voice that elicits the beauty from their inherent melancholy. The result is always perfectly imaginable because, whether he is on the stage on his own with only a musical pull toy in his hand, or with the whole band backing him: Lohmeyer’s interpretation of the texts mesmerises the audience. He is accompanied by a music ensemble that is in perfect harmony thanks to their many years of performing together: Tim Lorenz on the drums, Andreas Sperling on the keyboard, Markus Runzheimer on the bass, and the Club’s founding father Reinhardt Repke, who also sings some songs himself, on the guitar.

Charles Bukowski – Poems set to music


  • Sunday, 22.05.2016
  • 19:00
  • Schinkel Church

Price group I:
€ 22 / concessions € 18

Price group II:
€ 18 / concessions € 14

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can be made on
+49 (0)33476 600-750