All closeness distant


Alexander Scheer reads André Herzberg



arranged by Gerhard Ahrens

“I will write this story down to remember who we are and what we were like.”

(André Herzberg)


He has done a lot of running around, singing, groaning, screaming – yet he has always also been quiet, doubting, thoughtful: In his autobiographical stories Mosaik and Geschichten aus dem Bett, André Herzberg described his life as an artist who was a star in the GDR as the frontman of popular band Pankow and did not want to conform at any cost, not to the socialist state, not to the West German taste in music and certainly not to the GDR’s sixteen million “anti-fascists”.


Herzberg’s 2015 novel Alle Nähe fern essentially reflects his own history twice over. It tells the story of the German-Jewish family Zimmermann, across three generations from the late19th century to the present time. There is the grandfather, Heinrich, who joined the family business before the First World War and later saved himself and his wife from the Holocaust at the last second, and his son Paul, who was sent to England and safety in good time and moved to the GDR after the war, a fervent communist who denied his origins. And then there is Paul’s son Jacob, the novel’s narrator, who became a singer after a difficult childhood and experienced an existential crisis after the fall of the Berlin Wall only to rediscover his Jewishness and himself after a long search.


The actor and musician Alexander Scheer reads from Herzberg’s book. The prose is laconic but also paints an epic picture that reflects a lifelong longing for home and for belonging to a country, a party, a family and at the same time exposes the alienation between fathers and sons.

All closeness distant


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